Superior Quality Group II Base Oils

From rigorous testing of refinery-grade used oil to final hydrotreating for quality and stability, Terrapureā€™s patented pre-treatment ensures a premium end product with minimal downtime. The closed-loop process reduces environmental impact without sacrificing quality, resulting in base oils that meet or exceed industry expectations.

How Are Base Oils Re-Refined?

  • Prior to re-refining, used oil is tested to ensure its suitability.
  • Basic refinery processes are repeated to return the base oil to its original state.
  • Dehydration, defueling and vacuum distillation remove water, fuel, contaminants and any remaining additives.
  • The hydrotreating stage is identical to that of conventional refining, and reduces the aromatic content, acidity, carbon residue, sulphur, nitrogen and sludge-forming tendencies of the used oil.
  • The results are base oils with a higher concentration of saturates, improved oxidation, stability, colour, antioxidant response and viscosity/temperature characteristics.
  • Base oils are then sold to professional blenders, orĀ Terrapure can also blend and package finished lubricants for distribution to retailers or wholesalers.

New Business Opportunities


Government agencies are increasingly seeking sustainable alternatives, and even mandating the use of recycled products over conventional ones. With Advanta ECO, you can offer these alternatives


Advanta ECO base oils allow you to offer quality yet cost-effective products that meet the demanding needs of industry, with the added bonus of being easier on the environment.


Environmentally conscious consumers look for greener options in everything they buy, and more people are voting for these options with their dollars. With Advanta ECO base oils, you can blend a line of finished products that reaches this growing market, and performs on the same level as finished lubricants from virgin crude.