Smart Sustainability

When one litre of lubricating oil can contaminate one million litres of water, responsible oil handling is critical for the protection of the environment. Terrapure makes re-refined base oils from used oil that could otherwise enter our water systems if disposed of improperly. Annually Terrapure recovers approximately 23 million litres of base oil lubricants and other oils, which became the feedstock for Advanta ECO.

Re-Refined Base Oils Don’t Get Burned

Terrapure’s closed-loop re-refining process ensures used oil never gets burned or dumped, causing unnecessary harm to the environment. In fact, re-refined oil can be used again and again, without ever sacrificing quality or performance.

Re-Refining is Better Than Drilling

Drilling for crude oil uses considerably more resources and energy than re-refining used oil. Businesses with a sustainability mandate or those interested in lowering their carbon footprint can choose re-refined base oil as a more environmentally responsible option.

The lifecycle of re-refined oil

A Cycle That Never Ends

Re-refined oil is the greener choice because there’s no limit to the amount of times it can be recycled. From collection through a network of facilities across Western Canada, to refining, in-house blending and customer service,¬†Terrapure ensures a seamless end-to-end process, with rigorous quality control at every stage.

The Growing Market for Re-Refined Lubricants

The market for re-refined lubricants grows everyday. Any organization looking to reduce its carbon footprint can benefit from using recycled oil. Advanta ECO is perfect for government fleets, large corporate fleets, transit vehicles, lube shops, mining, trucking, heavy equipment and many other applications.

New Business Opportunities


Government agencies are increasingly seeking sustainable alternatives, and even mandating the use of recycled products over conventional ones. With Advanta ECO, you can offer these alternatives


Advanta ECO base oils allow you to offer quality yet cost-effective products that meet the demanding needs of industry, with the added bonus of being easier on the environment.


Environmentally conscious consumers look for greener options in everything they buy, and more people are voting for these options with their dollars. With Advanta ECO base oils, you can blend a line of finished products that reaches this growing market, and performs on the same level as finished lubricants from virgin crude.