Find answers to some commonly asked questions about Advanta ECO. If you don’t find an answer to your questions here please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Is recycled oil better for the environment?

Yes. Recycling used oils prevents the oils from contaminating the environment. Recycling the oil uses fewer resources since it does not need to be extracted from the ground.

Will using recycled oil void manufacturer’s warranties?

No. Always follow your manufacturers recommendation on required grade.

What is re-refined oil?

Re-refined base oil is manufactured from feedstock of base oils that has been recollected from different sources, instead of crude oil based feedstock. Collected feedstock goes through a hydrotreating process to create a re-refined base oil. The re-refined base oil is then sold to an independent lubricants blender or blended by Terrapure to create a number of finished lubricants for a variety of applications.

Is recycled oil just dirty oil that’s been cleaned?

No. Advanta ECO uses a re-refining process similar to the refining process of crude oil. A multi-stage refining process removes contaminants and additives to create fresh oil that performs just like new oil.

What is the best way to return used oil for re-refining?

Place used oil in a clean, plastic container with a tight lid. Never store used oil in a container that has held chemicals, food or beverages. Oil should not be mixed with other chemicals such as antifreeze, solvent or paint. Additional oil can be recovered by draining oil filters. Many automotive retailers and municipalities collect used motor oil for recycling.

How many times can oil be re-refined?

Oil can be re-refined again and again with no degradation in quality of the refinished lubricant. Base oil does not wear out. It becomes contaminated with the byproducts of combustion and the additives become depleted. The re-refining process removes the contaminants and depleted additives.

Why did Terrapure decide to make Advanta ECO?

Terrapure created Advanta ECO to offer a more environmentally friendly base oil option without sacrificing performance.

Are there any disadvantages of using recycled oil versus virgin crude oil?

No, our re-refined base oil is on par to its conventional refined base oil competitors.

What is Group II Base Oil Classification?

Group II base oils are made using modern hydroprocessing technology, leaving them so pure they are almost colourless. Improved purity means the base oil and additives in the finished product can last much longer. Group II has superior anti-oxidation properties since virtually all hydrocarbon molecules are saturated.